About Us

Designed in Shiga Japan

We launched a brand for women in 2016 using high-quality Youryuu fabric/Willow fabric (100% cotton) that originated from the  STETECO(loose underpants) that has been produced in Shiga Prefecture since the Edo era.
  【Best Design x Best Tradition x Best Sense】
Our concept is to create new ideas without being bounded by traditional designs. The material used is made specifically for underwear,
 The design was innovated to conform the lifestyle of modern women.
 For all the people and environment
 To make everyone’s lifestyle more comfortable, delightful and gorgeous through clothes.
 Made in TAKASHIMA Shiga Japan
 The Youryuu fabric/Willow fabric (Takashima Chijimi) that has been introduced in Takashima City and Shiga Prefecture since the late Edo era has been long famous and loved by many local people.
The fabric began as a farmer's winter side business,and when it was sent to Kyoto and showed to Iwasaki (later Mitsubishi Corp.) Mitsui (later Mitsui & Co.),it becamevery popular and quickly spread throughout the country.
 At a certain period,it was temporarily prohibited because of the negative effect on the farming industry.
 The fabric features an unevenness of the warp and the weft has a high twist limit.
 「Excellent absorbency and quick drying」
 「Less skin contact, stickiness and stuffiness」
 「Good texture for the skin」